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Mary McLaughlin, PhD, Executive Director of Cape Haven Inc., is writing about her research into chronic homelessness in a book scheduled for publication in 2019. 

Visit her new blog here.

James after three decades of homelessness in Syracuse, NY.

James after receiving ten months of housing plus medical, dental, and rehabilitation services coordinated by Dr. Mary McLaughlin.

Reagan's Corner

Homelessness Research

March 10, 2019
Another new member of Cape Haven, Inc's Board of Advisors, JL Faverio, has been donating time and skills to improving our websites and outreach.

February 10, 2019
Cape Haven, Inc. is pleased to welcome Naomi Lion, MD, PhD and Adrienne Morton, PhD to our Board of Advisors.

January 3, 2019
Dr. Mary's new blog is now live! Learn more about the blog and visit it here.

Cape Haven,


Our mission is to facilitate the development of housing for homeless and disabled individuals and their families while coordinating supportive health care, legal and social services options in order to maintain housing stability.

Cape Haven, Inc. would like to thank oral surgeon Dr. Joseph Finelli and cosmetic dentist Dr. Robert Dietz for their donation of extensive professional services; the results of their work have been life transforming for James Williamson.

Watch the award-winning video produced by Kevin Rivoli of James's circumstances while living on the streets in Syracuse, NY: