June 5, 2018

Dr. Mary McLaughlin’s birthday is coming up! For her birthday this year, Dr. Mary is asking for donations to her nonprofit, Cape Haven, on her Facebook page. Please contribute today to show your support for helping chronically homeless people in the central New York community.

See Mary's fundraiser here.

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November 1, 2016

Francine N. Whitman is sharing her story of how she overcame obstacles in order to pursue a successful life. In working with the YWCA and Dr. Mary McLaughlin, Francine has moved from her difficult situation on the streets to offering her help in outreach work and advocating for support for the homeless community of Central New York.

Read her incredible story here.

May 28, 2017

It is often said that the little things are the most significant. This phrase rings true; even the smallest acts of generosity can completely change a person’s day, a person’s week, or even a person’s life.

It was a small act of kindness that began the Mimi’s Guys project in the summer of 2012. One eight-year-old girl decided that she wished to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate, and since her small spark of initiative, Mimi’s Guys has distributed hundreds of gifts to homeless people throughout our community annually. 

As Memorial Day approaches, Mimi’s Guys remembers Memorial Day, 2012, when the young girl who drove the creation of the project sold homemade rubber band bracelets to benefit homeless people. With the earnings from the bracelets, the girl bought $5.00 Subway gift cards to be distributed on the street to the less fortunate. 

Mimi’s Guys has continued to grow and give back to the community throughout the past years. Visit the Mimi’s Guys Facebook page for updates on the project.

March 10, 2019

As we make our way through the final weeks of a brutally cold winter in Central New York State, Cape Haven, Inc. finds itself growing in numbers and support.

An especially influential new member of our Board of Advisors, JL Faverio, is lending his skills in consulting, technology, and helping the homeless to Cape Haven, Inc. Find the following blurb about JL and his work on Dr. Mary’s blog:

“JL is passionate about helping small businesses and nonprofits, through search engine optimization (SEO) consulting, digital advertising, and community outreach. His efforts to establish #NoBoxBlogs in 2011 gave voice to local homeless communities, both online and offline, through his non-profit project where free websites and blogs are offered to homeless people upon request. When not doing good things for clients, and the homeless, this California native enjoys time with his wife and 4 children.”

JL’s expertise when it comes to outreach, digital marketing, and the homelessness crisis have already resulted in his very generous donation of time and abilities to Cape Haven, Inc., inspiring updates on this website as well as to Dr. Mary’s personal blog.

Cape Haven, Inc. is continuously fortunate to have a knowledgeable and committed network of highly skilled people like JL contributing to and supporting our cause.

November 20, 2016

Dr. Mary McLaughlin, Executive Director of Cape Haven , Inc., is featured in the powerful video The Advocate by Kevin Rivoli as a part of his new weekly online photo and video blog, the Photographer's Journal. The Advocate illustrates Dr. Mary's work in helping the homeless community of Central New York and emphasizes the importance of her cause.

Watch the video here.

January 3, 2019

Every time I meet with Dr. Mary McLaughlin, the executive director of Cape Haven, Inc., I am astounded at the genuine compassion and dedication that she shows toward not only this organization, but also the general cause for which it stands, and every other part of her life. Dr. Mary’s passionate attitude has allowed her work to be so impactful over the years, and has given her a true grasp and first-hand experience with chronic homelessness.

On January first, Dr. Mary’s new blog went live. Using this platform, Dr. Mary intends to share the sense of unfaltering kindness that I have been lucky enough to experience on a regular basis with all viewers and readers of her site. Dr. Mary’s blog includes a personal photo gallery and blog posts that give insight into her busy yet enlightening life, as well as tips that all people can to follow in order to help reduce chronic homelessness and aid those in need.

Dr. Mary would like to give special thanks to her social media team, especially Zoe Franciamone and Christopher Parmelee, for their hard work in developing her beautiful blog.

Please visit Dr. Mary’s blog today to learn more about her work, and check back often for updates!

Cape Haven,


April 13, 2017

The holiday season is a time of giving. While numerous families across the country enjoyed sharing the holidays with family and friends in the comfort and luxury of their own homes, the homeless community is unable to experience such luxury. However, this year, Mimi’s Guys was able to make the season just a bit more joyful for those less fortunate.

Mimi’s Guys is a gift collection and distribution project that began in 2013 in Central New York. The organization was started by a group of children dedicated to bettering the lives of the homeless in the area, and it is closely affiliated with Cape Haven, Inc. and its cause. Volunteers work hard during the holiday season and throughout the year to put together cards and other items into gift bags that are distributed to the homeless community and to disabled veterans.

From gift cards to mugs, recipients of Mimi’s Guys’ gifts are continuously grateful for the care and support that they receive from this heartwarming project. Today, it is more important than ever to bring happiness and generosity into every possible situation, and Mimi’s Guys continues to look to do exactly that. 

Please visit the Mimi’s Guys Facebook page for more information and updates on the project.

Reagan's Corner

February 10, 2019

Cape Haven, Inc. is immensely grateful for every ounce of support we receive—whether via donation, word of mouth, or affiliating with our organization as a member of one of our boards.

Indeed, as exemplified by our constant dedication to our mission statement, our nonprofit excels thanks to those innovative minds that encourage us to continue to grow. Cape Haven, Inc. is pleased to welcome two such people to our Board of Advisors: Naomi Lian, MD, PhD, and Adrianne Morton, PhD. We are incredibly lucky to have such hardworking, intellectual women support our cause.

November 17, 2017

Today, as I am writing this blog post from the inside of my college dorm room in Washington, D.C., it is a brisk 47 degrees outside. While the weather grows increasingly cooler as autumn reaches its peak, I can only think about how cold it is getting back home in central New York, with snow showing in the forecast, and realize that I really don’t have room to complain about the temperature here. 

As winter approaches, it is more critical than ever to advocate for aiding the homeless, especially through supporting wonderful organizations like Cape Haven. People living on the streets at this very moment are struggling to survive in the harsh conditions that the coldest months of the year bring, and during a time when people should be celebrating togetherness, love, and the holidays, many are simply looking for ways to stay warm.

Cape Haven’s goal to help the homeless population through housing and assistance is unfaltering despite the brutality of winter, but the organization is in present need of funds in order to continue as such. Michele Rivoli has begun a fundraising initiative and is asking for donations, suggestions, and support from the Facebook community over the coming months. A detailed post on her Facebook page encourages the public to donate to Cape Haven and aid Executive Director Dr. Mary McLaughlin in her everyday attempts to save lives and battle homelessness. Please see Michele’s post for more information.

In addition, Cape Haven has also gained two new members: Thea Folls, owner and operator of Folls Flower Farm, has joined the organization’s Board of Directors, and Paul Concialdi, social and disability application services expert, has joined its Board of Advisors. Cape Haven is incredibly grateful to receive the generous support of such figures in the central New York community. 

Though a long drive away from my hometown in central New York, I am still very moved by the fundraising initiatives set forth and the progress that Cape Haven has made in the past months. It is heartwarming to see the goodness and charity of our community when united during a time of need. As quoted in Michele’s Facebook post, “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.”

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